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About me

Sport Classic Car is the personal website of Sergio Calleja Carcedo. I was born in 1982 in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz . From my childhood I started showing interest in the motoring world. My parents say that the first word I spoked was “tractor”. I was one of these children who always liked sitting behind anything with a steering wheel, was either a car, a swing or a lawnmower. Since I was a boy I started to store the car mags that my uncles Olegario and Alvaro gave me. On many occasions were trash destined, but I was collecting them neatly under my bed.


At the height of my adolescence I discovered the magazines of classic and sports cars that tipped the scale by deciding to study something related with cars, so I trained as Senior Technician in Automotive Industry. At that time, such was my desire to have my first car that I combined my days of study and sport training (since, in addition to student, I was was also athlete in amateur long-distance running), with a night job and another one during weekends.


Over the years I’ve been able to share my passion for cars with my other hobbies: travel and photography. Since the first national fairs to which I came with my first generation digital camera, I’ve evolved to travels around Europe visiting fairs, rallies, museums, collections, exhibitions, factories and tracks. I’ve also been able to understand the world of the automobile from many points of view: as amateur, a volunteer in events organization, a timekeeper of rallies, mechanical inspector in a station of Vehicle Inspection Test, journalist or member of a support team. All this has taught me a global vision about this scene.


After so many cars that I’ve been able to discover, enjoy and learn about; so many trips, so many days without eating, as many photos in my memory and so many wonderful people that I 've had the fortune to meet, Sport Classic Car is the result of a step further I needed to take in my life. Now you know where to find me and how you can count on me. From kid, with the excitment of a young boy who had his treasure under the bed and as always with the passion of the first day..